Every time I passed by a group of youngsters and young-at-heart, they’re talking about LUMINOUS. “Makadto kmi sa luminous”, “ma party-party ta sa 26”, etc.

A new breed of party promoters in Cadiz City, SPIN Productions, will be hosting an event this December 26, 2014 entitled LUMINOUS and will be held at Terrace Garden Parking Lot. I think almost all youngsters and young-at-heart party-goers of Cadiz and neighboring town will go. This event will not be an all party thing as the guys at SPIN Productions will be sharing their profit to the less fortunate Cadiznons (party-for-a-cause). So we hope to see you all there and support the event. The DinagsaFestival.com team will be there as well to support this cause.

For tickets, you can call or text these numbers 0943 448 0120 / 0906 500 7483


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