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Bangon Cadiz!

Last month was not a good month for Cadiz and all Cadizons. Cadiz was hit by a super typhoon on November 8, 2013 leaving many people homeless. Some managed to find shelter in school classrooms, others were left inside their houses watching it slowly falling apart. What’s worse was not during the typhoon hit the city, but the aftermath. Almost everyone needed food, water and shelter. Plus, almost a month without electricity was like living as cave people. Everything went back to basic.



Good thing Cadiznons didn’t lose hope. Now we can say that Cadiz is slowly standing on its feet, learning to walk again and eventually, as time passes by, will be running the race. Cadiz recently lighted up the city park with colorful Christmas lights for the month long Christmas celebration.

And thanks to the people who unconditionally reached-out their hands to help others who are in need. People who helped from the bottom of their hearts without thinking of being praised for what they did. Yes you! We are talking to you! The team, from the bottom of our hearts, would like to say THANK YOU!

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